Could this critical skill be halting your career?

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Meet John, an accomplished marketing executive. He started as an inexperienced passionate intern and rose to become the head of marketing in a blue-chip company. He leads a team of thirty two professionals and is respected as a marketing guru in the industry circles. John vision is to start his own marketing agency soon and grow it into a mega-company by utilizing the networks and skills he has accrued over his near two decades work experience.

But there is one problem standing in his way. The numbers.

Whereas John is exceptional in marketing, he struggles and sometimes fails terribly in matters finance.  Creating and implementing budgets, reducing expenses, reading and properly analysing financial statements, all present a great skills challenge for him.  Although he gets help from financially savvy colleagues at the organization, he knows this poses a barrier to his vision.

If you are a professional and can relate with John’s plight, lacking adequate financial management skills, here is some great news. Arc Skills offers a two day Finance for Non-Finance Managers course. You can check out our website here

Here are some benefits of attending this course.

  • A better understanding of financial principles and terminology
  • Ability to read and understand financial reports and what they are telling you about your business or division
  • Controlled spend by identifying cost trends and overspending
  • Calculate the estimated profit that will be added by a sale, promotion, marketing plan or divisional initiative
  • Conduct your own break even analysis and set targets and budgets
  • Understand the actual effect of discounts and price increases
  • Prepare your budgets, and justify them so that they are quickly approved
  • Understand and avoid pitfalls that are commonly made during budget preparation
  • Implement budgetary control systems such as variance reports and future projections to highlight budget problems as early as possible


John represents countless professionals in different industries and occupations, who lack or struggle with financial knowledge. Lack of financial know-how can lead to bad decisions that can be costly to business. This, however, can be corrected by gaining substantial financial knowledge.

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