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Why you should attend this course?
Did you know that Executive Assistant was named one of the top best 25 jobs in the 2015 Glassdoor Inaugural Best Jobs in the UK Report?

The 21st Century Executive Assistant is more than an observer, he/she is an active participant in the organization strategy, a contributor, a partner, indispensable!

How would you like to make the shift to a business partner?

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment, every manager needs a versatile business partner. Arc Skills can help equip you to become a 21st Century PA, your manager’s indispensable business partner.
Who should attend this course?

This training course is particularly suitable for those whose position has developed into a PA or Executive Assistant, those already in the position or people being considered for a promotion to a PA/Executive Assistant role. Previous delegates include: Office Administrators, Departmental Secretaries, Executive Assistants, Executive PAs, Executive Secretaries, Office Managers, Personal Assistants, Private Secretaries, Property Managers, Receptionists, Senior Secretaries, Co-ordinators and Training Administrators.
What can you expect to learn?

  • This intensive course will clarify the PA role for you, and equip you with the skills and attitudes
    to make a difference
  • The evolving role of the 21st century Executive PA
  • Developing and working as a successful team with your manager, so that you are both more
    efficient and get more done
  • How an effective PA contributes to their manager’s success through aligned objectives
  • Managing office time – yours, your manager’s and both together as a team
  • Projecting a “Personal PR” image that reflects positively on your boss and department
  • A Project Management Toolbox to help you set up and run small but complicated projects
  • Handling the additional stress you will expect to encounter as an Executive PA



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21st Century Personal/Executive Assistants Masterclass: 23th - 24th February 
Practical Powerful Presentation Skills: 23th - 24th February