Tax Rebates

Learnership Tax Rebates and the benefit to companies explained in simple, easy to understand language.

In addition to claiming learnership grants from your SETA, you can also claim a tax incentive when you register a learnership agreement with your SETA. Only learnership agreements that are formally registered with your SETA will qualify – as SARS will check with the SETA before approving the claim.

Basically, you will have two opportunities to claim, one at the beginning of the learnership and one at the successful conclusion of the learnership.

Companies get a R 30 000 tax rebate for each learner that enrolls on a Learnership for each year that they are on the learnership. There is an additional R 30 000 paid per learner on completion of the learnership.

Companies get a R 50 000 tax rebate for each disabled learner on a learnership. There is an additional R 50 000 per disabled learner tax concession at the end of the learnership.

Terms and conditions do apply. Please read the full SARS document attached for more information.